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WaveRunner Rentals Services

WaveRunner Rentals offers a variety of high-quality services.  If your jet ski is not performing quite up to par, now's the time to start thinking about freshening things up.  

After the season is over, don't forget to winterize, shrinkwrap, and store your personal watercraft (PWC) in a professional manner.  Let WaveRunner Rentals take the worry and hassle from you and store your PWC  at our facility, ready to be unwrapped and delivered when the time is right.

While we can do just about anything for your PWC, here is a list of basic services WaveRunner Rentals Mechanics perform.

Winterizing  $475Winterization Special

Winterizing Your Personal Watercraft PWC, Jet Ski, Waverunner (all models) when the weather outside gets chilly is important for proper care of your watercraft to make sure it is in shape for when the water gets warmer and it's time to ride the waves again. Winterizing your PWC will help protect it against the off-season elements during storage and get you on the water sooner when the riding season starts.

WaveRunner Rentals offers a complete winter special that includes: winterization, shrink wrap, and winter rack storage.  We also offer climate control storage if so desired.

If your needs are more special, we can customize a package for you.  Why Shrink wrap?   

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de-Winterizing (aka Summerizing)

In Spring, when the weather starts to heat up, many people will be getting their jet ski out of storage and preparing it for another summer of fun. However, with your jet ski being stored for such a long time, it might not run exactly as it should. Hopefully, when you stowed your jet ski away last season, you winterized it. If so, you shouldn't have too many problems getting it running again. Otherwise you might want to consider summerizing.  

WaveRunner Rentals offers summerizing services for all makes/models at a cost of $95.00 that include: General cleaning; checking the lines, plugs, carburetor, gas tank; making sure it has proper fluids, and ensuring it starts and runs as it should.  Oil change is seperate from this service.  Oil change is $95.00 plus cost of oil, the filter, and disposal of use oil.

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Shrinkwrap and Storage

During extended periods out off the water your uncovered PWC is vulnerable to damage from many of Mother Natures sources: rain/snow/sleet/hail; wind blown dirt and debris; bird droppings; nesting mice, birds, and other rodents; UV radiation; and dust. While a conventional cover or tarp offers some shelter from the elements, only a shrink-wrap cover gives it protection that’s 100% waterproof, near impossible to blow off, and can withstand heavy weathering. 

In August/September/October you should be thinking of Winterizing your PWC.  WaveRunner Rentals includes shrink wrap and storage as part of our Winterizing special package so your PWC is less hassle in the spring.

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Performance Modifications

The goal of PWC performance modification is to offer the maximum possible overall power increase while making the minimum possible loss of reliability and power band range.

WaveRunner Rentals offers performance mods for just about any make/model PWC and has exclusive experience that has allowed our very own Ronnie Walker to win numerous PWC racing trophies.

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WaveRunner Rentals Service Information

  • Please contact WaveRunner Rentals for any/all questions regarding service. 
  • A work order must be created and signed before work can be performed.  A work order is required for any service performed by WaveRunner Rentals.
  • Estimates totaling $500 or more require a 50% deposit.
  • WaveRunner Rentals is not responsible for anything left in the PWC/Jet Boat.  Please remove personal items prior to requesting service.
  • All invoices are subject to a 15% increase for every month left unpaid.
  • Any PWC/Jet Boat left after 14 days may be charged a $20 per day storage fee.

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